Japanese style hotel located in Asakusa,home to the sightseeing spots like Kaminarimon. Ryokan KAMOGAWA ASAKUSA

Welcome to
Our Ryokan (Japanese style Hotel) is dedicated to help you relax in a Japanese downtown atmosphere. It is located near the Asakusa temple and the Nakamise street which is lined by many traditional shops.

You can see the American CNN broadcast in your room.
Please refrain from smoking in the guest room or in the corridor.
Guests can smoke at the lounge on the 1st floor.
A huge earthquake hit the north-east coast of Japan on March 11th, 2011.
But Tokyo is undamaged and most hotels and large commercial facilities continue to remain open for business.
And Tokyo area is safe from any radiation from the nuclear power plants in Fukushima prefecture.
We continue to welcome visitors from all over the world!!

About internet (Wi-Fi is available at your room)

Wi-Fi is now available at all floor, all rooms.
You can use Internet with your own devices anywhere in our building or our two common computers at the coffee room(1st floor) for free.

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